• Enter the Beast : An Anatomy of the Canadian Mining Industry

    Did you know that you live in the home of a beast? Many people are unaware that Toronto is safe haven to a tentacled, slippery-slimy, shape-shifting monster called the Kraken. The danger of this Kraken lies in the… Read More

  • We honour Carrie Lester

    We were saddened to learn of the passing of Carrie Lester, a dear MISN ally and incredible community organizer. Carrie was an Indigenous rights, anti-nuke, environmental protection, and anti-poverty activist. She was instrumental in the Idle No More… Read More

  • Reaching out to media @ PDAC

      Journalists from major Canadian and international media outlets will be descending on the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada’s (PDAC) convention in Toronto March 4-7. Some of these outlets, like BNN and the Globe and Mail, are… Read More

  • Untold in the Underground: an unconventional treasure hunt @ PDAC

    Unearth Canada’s shameful industry secrets in Toronto’s most unconventional treasure hunt! Drop by the starting point anytime between 1-4pm to get your top-secret mission. Then, go underground into the nearby convention centre to dig up some truths. There’s… Read More

  • #DisruptPDAC: using social media to mess with the CDN mining industry’s PR

    Help us throw a wrench in the PR machine of one of Canada’s most powerful — and deadly — industries in the weeks leading up to their biggest gathering! Every year we’re there at PDAC in person, not… Read More