Confronting PDAC

Every year, the world’s largest mining convention takes place right here in Toronto. And for the last several years MISN has resisted or directly disrupted it in various ways.
Here are some snapshots and links to show more about what that has looked like.


#DisruptPDAC: A Reportback from PDAC 2022

#DisruptPDAC: Call out greenwashing at the world’s biggest mining convention


Digging into mining industry trends: reflecting on PDAC 2021


People Before Profit! An Epic #DisruptPDAC Report-Back



Untold in the Underground: an unconventional treasure hunt @ PDAC


In 2017 we brought two busses full of over a hundred people to protest the convention, many of whom made it inside but many of whom were not even permitted to enter this supposedly “public” event. The world’s largest mining convention is a bubble that only exists by keeping critical voices on the outside. Let’s pop that bubble!

Report-back: Disrupting PDAC 2017!



In 2016 MISN and allies got kicked out of the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) convention for hosting a small vigil on the trade show floor, paying our respects to those who have lost their lives to the deadly Canadian mining industry.

Canadian mining is murder

UPDATE: MISN Sneaks into the World’s Largest Mining Convention to Hold a Vigil Honouring Lives Lost to Canadian Mining


UPDATE: PDAC Spoofed: It’s funny because it’s absurd; it’s tragic because it’s true


MISN distributes information at PDAC convention, not well received


#DisruptPDAC #DisruptMining