Are you a student, teacher, or admin in a Toronto school?

we want to hear from you!

The Canadian mining industry has
been influencing Ontario elementary and secondary school curriculum for
almost two decades now. We
want to do something about it! 

But we can’t change anything
without hearing from the people
who know Toronto schools best.


Paintings on the right by Kukama children
from the lower Marañón River


here’s what we’re thinking:

The Canadian mining industry currently pours loads of resources into teaching young people that large-scale industrial mining is neutral, normal, inevitable, and necessary. We want to stop this from happening! We also want to create some awesome alternative curriculum resources for teachers, to help kids and teens become champions for mining justice in their lives. 

Right now we’re in the “research stage” of developing this campaign. We’re working to better understand the landscape of the Toronto educational system so that we can be effective in our work. That’s where you come in!

We want to talk to people who can help us understand:

  • How mining is currently being taught and talked about
  • The factors influencing how mining gets taught and talked about
  • How change happens in Toronto schools, and who we should be working with
  • What kinds of curriculum alternatives are needed

We want to hear from:


K-12 Students

What are you learning about mining in school? What do you want to be learning about it? What do you think students’ role is in making a difference?

K-12 Teachers

How is mining taught
about in your school?
What curriculum resources would help you teach about mining in a way you felt proud of? What’s your take on how change happens in your school?

K-12 Administrators

What are the factors influencing curriculum in your school? What are the effective pathways to curriculum change?

Curriculum & Education Organizers

What ways of making change in Toronto schools have you found success with? How do you see the connection between the issue of mining industry influence in schools and the issues that you organize around?

Art: Alejandra Andreone (Che Alejandra)

Photograph: Sam Ponting

join the campaign!

Soon we’ll be ready to turn our research into action, and we’re looking to connect with awesome change-makers who want to work alongside us to turn this campaign into a reality! Teachers, students, and anybody else who cares about making sure schools stay free of heavy-handed corporate influence… all are welcome! 

Is this you? Introduce yourself by sending us an email at [email protected] or filling out the form below.

Looking forward to meeting you!

14 + 3 =

the canadian mining industry is talking to kids through virtual workshops, “gem kits”, and outreach to indigenous communities

In 2020 alone (in the middle of a pandemic!), they reached:

Kids in southern canada

Youth in northern Communities

Teachers through pd sessions

This is unacceptable.

Kids need to hear perspectives that aren’t bankrolled by corporations.
Teachers deserve better supports to do their work with integrity.