Call for imaginings

UPDATE: Submission deadline extended until April 16th!

The world’s largest mining convention comes to Toronto each year, hosted by the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (PDAC). This year, however, PDAC 2021 will move entirely online. But don’t be fooled — just because the Metro Toronto Convention Centre will be empty this year doesn’t mean that mining has stopped. Mining projects continue in full force and workers continue to travel to remote mine sites around the world, risking the health and safety of local communities.

We at the Mining Injustice Solidarity Network (MISN) and our allies have a long history of intervening in and disrupting the convention, giving echo to the millions of voices around the world who say “YES” to life and “NO” to mining. People have long imagined and fought for a world without extractivism, and the systems of violence and oppression that sustain it. And with the pandemic disrupting an in-person convention this year, we’re using it as an opportunity to continue these imaginings in an artistic form. What if the world’s largest mining convention never happened again?

Here’s the invitation: What would a world without extractivism look like for you? This can take many forms. We’d love to see your drawings, paintings, collages, or other pieces of art; murals; poems and songs; short videos; or any other response you can think of. New and old work is welcome, and all skill levels are appreciated. ***

Here are some additional prompts and examples of what we’re thinking about.

We will share what you send us on our website and social media pages. But that’s only the start. We see this as the beginning of a larger project of imagining alternative and non-extractive futures. We want to engage with your submissions and spark conversations within our communities. More details to follow!

You can share your imaginings with us by email ([email protected]) with the subject line “A world without extractivism” by Wednesday, March 31.  April 16, 2021.

Please include a short description (50-200words) about your creative work, and tell us how it responds to the question “What would a world without extractivism look like for you?”

Please email [email protected] with any questions.

Una llamada para la imaginación

**Fecha limite extendida hasta el 16 de abril**

La conferencia minera más grande del mundo llega cada año a Toronto, Canadá y está organizada por la “Association Canadiense de Prospectores y Desarrolladores” (PDAC). Este año, la conferencia se volverá completamente virtual por causa de la pandemia de COVID-19. Pero no se deje engañar: el hecho de que el centro de Toronto esté vacío (donde siempre tiene esta conferencia) no significa que la minería se haya detenido. Los proyectos mineros canadienses continúan con toda su fuerza alrededor del mundo.

Nosotras organizadas en la Red de Solidaridad Contra la Minería Injusta (MISN por sus siglas en inglés) y nuestras aliadxs tenemos una larga historia de intervención e interrupción de la conferencia, dando eco a los millones de voces del mundo que dicen “SÍ” a la vida y “NO” a la minería. Comunidades por todas partes ya llevan décadas y milenios imaginando y luchando por un mundo sin el extractivismo y sin los sistemas de violencia y opresión que lo sustentan. Y con la pandemia que ha interrumpida una conferencia presencial este año, estamos aprovechando para continuar con estas imaginaciones de forma artística. ¿Qué pasaría si la mayor convención minera del mundo nunca volviera a suceder?

Esta es la invitación: ¿Cómo sería para usted un mundo sin extractivismo? Esto puede tomar muchas formas. Nos encantaría ver sus dibujos, pinturas, collages u otras obras de arte; murales; poemas y canciones; vídeos cortos; o cualquier otra respuesta que se te ocurra. Las obras nuevas y antiguas son más que bienvenidas, y se aprecian todos los niveles de habilidad.

Vamos a compartir lo que nos envíe en nuestra sitio web y en las redes sociales. Vemos esto como el comienzo de un proyecto más amplio de imaginar futuros alternativos al extractivismo y queremos que sus propuestas sigan avanzando estas conversaciones. Más detalles en breve.

Por favor, comparten sus ideas con nosotras por correo ([email protected]) con el asunto “Un mundo sin extractivismo” antes del 31 de marzo 16 de abril. Por favor incluyen un descripción breve (50-200 palabras) de sus obras. Escribenos por cualquier pregunta o duda. ¡Gracias!

Help us #DisruptPDAC! Some #PDAC2021 messages.

It’s on us to counter the lies and shiny PR of PDAC! Help us take over the #PDAC2021 hashtag (and give attendees a reality check) by using the sample messages and images below and posting on all your social media platforms. Please regularly check out MISN’s Twitter feed from now until March 11 as we tweet live from the conference.

Click on the images below to open them bigger and save them so you can share them! Suggested messages included below each one.





COVID Recovery or COVID Cooptation? TAKE ACTION on Bill 197!

Is Ford using the pandemic as his chance to destroy laws that protect Indigenous sovereignty, defend environmental safety, and uphold our right to say no to extractive projects in Ontario?

We have until November 10th to have our say about it!
Click here for more background information, or keep reading to find out how you can take action NOW!


There are four urgent actions you can take right now:

1) Submit a public comment by November 10th

Right now, the Ontario government is seeking public feedback on which kinds of projects should require comprehensive environmental assessment according to the new law. We KNOW you’ve got something to say about this.

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COVID Recovery or COVID Cooptation? Understanding Bill 197

Is Ford using the pandemic as his chance to destroy laws that protect Indigenous sovereignty, defend environmental safety, and uphold our right to say no to extractive projects in Ontario?

We have until November 10th to have our say about it!
Keep reading for more information, or click here to take action NOW!

On July 8th, 2020, the Ford government introduced Bill 197, the COVID-19 Economy Recovery Act, an omnibus bill changing many facets of life in Ontario. Just two weeks later, with zero opportunity for meaningful public input as required under the Environmental Bill of Rights, this bill was passed into law.

Schedule 6 of the bill makes major changes to how environmental assessment happens in Ontario, as well as to what kinds of projects need to follow the rules of transparency, consultation, and evidence-based practice required under the Environmental Assessment Act. But have you tried actually reading the thing? We did, and… to us, it was about as clear as mud.

We reached out to our friends at the Canadian Environmental Law Association to help us understand this law. This week, we’re launching three explainer videos to help pass along what we learned!

Special thanks to Joel Famadico for filming and editing these videos for us!

Are you as confused about Bill 197 as we were? Watch these videos to help you figure out what’s changing, what’s at risk, what’s at stake, and — most importantly — what YOU can do right now to stop this from getting worse.

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