As Protestors Denounce Hudbay Minerals for Assassination in Guatemala, another Guatemalan is hospitalized with gunshot wounds

As protestors gathered this morning (see video) to protest the abuses of Hudbay Minerals in Guatemala, news is just coming out that another anti-mining activist in Guatemala is in the hospital due to gunshot wounds.


Last night, after a month of receiving death threats due to her involvement in the anti-mining movement, Yolanda “Yoli” Oquely Veliz, 33, was shot three times by unknown men on a motorcycle as she left the resistance blockade near the entrance to Radius Gold-owned El Tambor gold mine in San José del Golfo, Guatemala. She is currently in stable but serious condition.
Ms. Oquely Veliz has been a vocal member of FRENAM (North Metropolitan Peoples in Resistance Front), local group who seek to carry out a proper community consultation, or plebiscite, regarding the operations of the industrial project.
Just like Hudbay Minerals, who is responsible for the assassination of community leader Adolfo Ich, Radius Gold is a Canadian Mining Company.

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