Ascendant Copper/Copper Mesa in Ecuador

There have been two films to document resistance to mining in Ecuador. Find the trailer for one and a link for the entire video below.


Under Rich Earth is a story about ordinary people with extraordinary courage. In a remote mountain valley in Ecuador, coffee and sugarcane farmers face the dismal prospect of being forced off their land to make way for a mining project. Unprotected by the police and ignored by their government, they prepare to face down the invaders on their own. Their resistance ultimately leads to a remarkable and dangerous stand off between farmers and a band of armed paramilitaries deep in the cloud forest. In a world dominated by news of massacres and terrorism, Under Rich Earth offers a surprising and poignant tale of hope and determination.

Under Rich Earth Trailer from Marco Rafael on Vimeo.

The Curse of Copper

The true cost of mining in

the Cloud Forest of Ecuador

Watch film online here.

The story of the Curse of Copper takes place in an area known as Intag, Ecuador. This region is one of the world’s ten most threatened biodiversity hotspots meaning that thousands of its 10,000 species of plants are already extinct and only 7% of the forest’s original area remains intact. One of those areas is the Cotacachi-Cayapas Ecological Reserve, on the border of which Ascendant Copper Corporation proposes to construct an open-pit copper mine.

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