IMAGININGS  |  a world without extractivism

We put out a call for imaginings in spring 2021 with the prompt:
What would a world without extractivism look like for you?
We’re thrilled to welcome you now to wander through the result below.

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Heirloom Sewing

by Kelly Rose Pflug-Back

Medium: Clothing made out of discarded textiles made from biodegradable fibres
Artist links: Instagram: @kellyrosecreates https://caitlin-press.com/our-books/hammer-of-witches-the/


I use discarded textiles made from biodegradable fibres to make clothing. My pieces are an effort to recover a way of life outside of extractivism and capitalist consumer culture. In previous generations, pieces of clothing were often infused with meaning by the people who made them, carrying stories of their previous lives as other garments owned by ancestors or loved ones. Because of the durability of handmade clothing, they would at times be heirlooms, reminding us of our connection to future generations. 

The practice of recycling and making clothing, for me, is a way of infusing thought and meaning into everyday items, and dreaming of a reality in which our daily lives and actions can exist outside of a system that relies on harming the earth. I have attached two photos of my work as examples.

alejandra - deseo cambiarlo todo
a mina contamina
Faustine Gruninger
Wet Moss - poem
Sam Ponting - Fire Song