STATEMENT: Mining and the Armed Conflict in Colombia

Today, a vigil was held at the Colombian consulate for the victims of the armed conflict in Colombia. The following statement was read by a representative of the Mining Injustice Solidarity Network in solidarity with those resisting Canadian… Read More

Urgent Action: Call for an End to Police Intimidation and Eviction Threats

The National Police, at the service of US mining company Kappes Cassiday and Associates (KCA), have been carrying out acts of intimidation and threatening eviction against communities in resistance at La Puya, just north of Guatemala City. Early… Read More

Urgent Action: Join the Ejido’s Call for Good Faith Negotiations Without Repression

Join the Ejido’s call for good faith negotiations without repression Since the morning of Tuesday April 1, the Ejido Carrizalillo in Guerrero, Mexico has blocked operations at¬†Goldcorp’s Los Filos mine¬†in revindication of their territorial rights following expiration of… Read More