A powerful demonstration of solidarity in support of women land defenders

In an amazing expression of solidarity, hundreds of individuals and organizations signed a letter in solidarity with women land defenders. This letter was sparked by recent and ongoing attacks against women land defenders who, at great personal risk,… Read More

URGENT ACTION : #right2RIP : Tell Aura Minerals to Respect the Dead and the Living in Honduras!

We have to take action! Aura Minerals, a Toronto-based mining company, is seeking to dig up and move a 200 year old cemetery near La Unión, Copán, Honduras, because the cemetery is “in the way” of their mining project. We are disgusted… Read More


HELP PUT MINING JUSTICE ON THE FOREIGN POLICY AGENDA (event + social media campaign) On September 28th, the first-ever foreign policy election debate will be held at Roy Thompson Hall in Toronto. If it wasn’t being hosted by… Read More

URGENT ACTION: Telesforo Pivaral Murdered near Tahoe Resources’ Mine

CALAS – Centre for Legal, Environmental and Social Action (translated by Breaking the Silence) (version en espanol aqui) Mr. Telesforo Odilio Pivaral Gonzalez was Member of the Community Resistance in El Volcancito, in the municipality of San Rafael… Read More

Urgent Action: Call for an End to Police Intimidation and Eviction Threats

The National Police, at the service of US mining company Kappes Cassiday and Associates (KCA), have been carrying out acts of intimidation and threatening eviction against communities in resistance at La Puya, just north of Guatemala City. Early… Read More