UPDATE: PROTEST BARRICK – Stand with communities demanding justice

On April 26 at 11am, people gathered outside of Barrick Gold’s annual general meeting to protest that company for the 10th year in a row. The rally outside supported statements being read inside Barrick’s meeting. This year, the… Read More


On September 28th Harper, Mulcair and Trudeau participated in the first-ever foreign policy election debate — hosted by the Munk Debates — at Roy Thompson Hall in Toronto. If Peter Munk (the founder of the world’s largest gold… Read More

Top 5 Reasons to Put Mining Injustice on the Foreign Policy Agenda

Tonight, September 28, Canada’s first-ever foreign policy election debate will be held at Roy Thompson Hall in Toronto, with Harper, Trudeau, and Mulcair in attendance. Here are just a few reasons why mining injustice should be on the agenda for this debate,… Read More


HELP PUT MINING JUSTICE ON THE FOREIGN POLICY AGENDA (event + social media campaign) On September 28th, the first-ever foreign policy election debate will be held at Roy Thompson Hall in Toronto. If it wasn’t being hosted by… Read More

TAKE ACTION: Tweets to put #MiningInjustice on the Foreign Policy Agenda

Want to bring attention to mining injustice and the need for policy makers to act to end corporate impunity abroad? We’ve made it easy for you! Just cut and paste these pre-made tweets into your twitter feed as… Read More

UPDATE: Spoil Sports vs. Smear Leaders: Street Theatre vs. the Pan Am Games

From July 10th to July 24th, 2015, people waiting in line to attend Pan Am Games events were greeted by an unexpected sight: three people standing on milk crates set up like podiums, moaning and wailing; cheery people with… Read More

UPDATE: Get to Know Pan Am: the Securitization of the Spectacle

On Thursday, July 2nd, 2015, MISN held a world cafe-style event at OISE to discuss the anticipated expansion of police presence in the city of Toronto that would occur due to the upcoming Pan Am Games.  Representatives from… Read More

UPDATE: Sergio Campusano’s May Day Speech

[en español abajo] MISN had the honour and pleasure of hosting Sergio Campusano here in Toronto this past week, and accompanying him to four events in four (very busy) days – the Barrick, Goldcorp, and New Gold shareholder… Read More

UPDATE: Get to Know Pan Am… the Displacement Behind the Spectacle

On March 7th, 2015, MISN hosted a world cafe discussion event on the upcoming Pan American Games. The event description read: “Not sure what the Pan Am games are? Not sure why you might organize around them? Not… Read More

Update: Mining Companies Have Been Very Bad This Year…

On Wednesday, December 10, carollers dressed in Santa suits walked through the financial district singing altered Christmas songs as they delivered a guilty verdict and lumps of coal to Toronto-based mining companies GoldCorp, Barrick Gold and Excellon Resources…. Read More